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10Duke APIs provide access to a suite of back-end application services that extend the capabilities of your core application.

These services are scalable, modular and can help you to deliver more application in less time and with fewer headaches.

Our Products

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    Identity Provider

    A cloud-based Identity Provider service that enables both Single Sign On and Federated Identity Management for online applications.

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    An identity-based licensing solution for defining and executing access policies across devices, people, companies, IP assets and software applications.

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    Event Data

    A cloud-based service that facilitates the collection, storage and querying of event-based data generated by any connected device or application.

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    The 10Duke SDK

    A rapid application development framework for quickly creating new applications or adding new features and functionality to existing applications.

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What developers say…

  • "Using leading open standards and architecture such as Oauth and REST, 10Duke APIs make delivery of greenfield applications fast, predictable and are easy to integrate. Definitely the way forward."

    - Abdul Hussain, Principal Architect, Western Union

  • "10Duke APIs offer a simple, clean way of accessing sophisticated back-end services so you don't have to build them yourself."

    Henrik Rönnholm, Software Architect -

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