The 10Duke Entitlements provides a scalable solution for executing access policies across devices, people, companies, groups, services, assets and software applications. Utilised in conjunction with an enterprise grade Identity Provider, the Entitlements offers a powerful solution for identity based licensing for any online application that needs to control user access to any digital product whether it be an application or a piece of digital content.


  • supports multiple license formats include JSON, JSONP, XML, JWT and TEXT
  • provides versatile license model support, from hardware-locked models through to subscription based, online licensing
  • identity based authorisation, with entitlements, roles and permissions associated to particular organisations, groups or users
  • provides a single centralized entitlement and authorisation management point
  • provided as an online API with supporting documentation and pro-services support chain to allow entitlement capabilities to be easily added to an existing product line


  • improve product management through the mapping of sellable items to product package definitions
  • accurately grant rights and entitlements to the customer, enhancing the customer experience
  • dynamic license activation
  • reconciliation and delivery of appropriate entitlements from ecommerce and CRM applications
  • real-time monitoring of product fulfilment and administration
  • increase product security and reduce theft by using a single authorisation management point
  • reduce licensing management overhead by using a scalable, comprehensive Entitlements API

Deployment Model

The 10Duke Entitlements can be deployed on premises, in the public cloud or in a private cloud.

License Model

The 10Duke Entitlements can be provided as a packaged application or can be provided on a SaaS basis.

Try it

You can test the 10Duke Entitlements by requesting demo.