Event Data API

The 10Duke Event Data API is a scalable Enterprise-grade application that enables the collection and storage of event-based data from connected applications. It also provides a framework for developing reports and implementing specific business intelligence or related reporting analysis from collected data.


  • RESTful endpoint for accepting submitted report entries in XML
  • XML and JSON are both supported as output data formats
  • Analytics runs can be scheduled and triggered either by configuration or by external scheduling like cron on Linux
  • Flexible and extensible UI using your choice of Java, JSP, HTML or other client side technologies
  • Can easily be integrated into 3rd party reporting tools like JasperReports, Tableau or PowerBI
  • Supports a variety of relational and NoSQL databases


  • Extendable and customizable reporting service delivered on an on-demand, SaaS basis
  • Provides a complete platform for the collection, collation and output of relevant application event-based data
  • Move beyond generic packages, such as Google Analytics and avoid the cost and rigidity of expensive enterprise reporting servers
  • Easily extendable to allow specific business case interrogation of accumulated data for bespoke analytical requirements
  • Efficiently integrate with other business systems, applications and report UI frameworks using the 10Duke SDK

Deployment Model

The 10Duke Event Data API is provided on a SaaS basis.

License Model

The 10Duke Event Data API is licensed on a monthly subscription fee, typically based on the volume of data processed.

Try it

You can test the 10Duke Event Data API by requesting a demo.