File+ is a dedicated file management and file conversion API for online files and media. Simple to integrate, it provides an engine that allows large scale online file storage as well as the mapping of input files to series of commands for producing file conversion by means of a simple configuration process. File+ allows you to take control of your file and media ingest, management and output using a simple REST API.


  • available via a clear, well documented RESTful service
  • supports object storage and media files
  • stores files persistently
  • can be applied to most type of media: audio, images, video, CAD files, pdfs, and more
  • provides API access in a similar manner to POSIX-type interfaces for Linux/UNIX systems, including cp, mv, ls, mkdir, and rm
  • can be used in server side applications, desktop applications and mobile applications


  • provides a more scalable object storage upload capability than web-based uploads, FTP transfer or using Rsync
  • can be used as part of your own storage backend or as a scalable cloud-based storage solution that can be externalised from your own infrastructure
  • can be used as an origin service when using Content Delivery Networks (CDN)
  • use a single API for both object storage and file conversion or media related tasks
  • cloud-based, on demand service that can grow with your needs and allows you to outsource worrying about scalable object storage or media conversion tasks, backed by a solid SLA
  • if you're familiar with Linux, you're already familiar with File+ due to a shared syntax

Common Use Cases

  • scalable, cloud-based object storage for fast growing online applications
  • video transcoding tasks such as accepting user-uploaded videos or generating output video files to support play-out on multiple devices
  • audio transcoding to allow uploaded audio files to be played back on a variety of device types, regardless of format
  • mashing or producing composite media from several input media assets
  • creating thumbnail images for videos and images automatically on upload
  • inserting and updating metadata in media files
  • image manipulation including common tasks such as cropping, resizing, rotating, etc.


The File+ API can be licensed as a packaged application that can be deployed on premises or it is available as a private cloud service. It can be licensed on an annual or monthly basis, depending on the deployment model.

Try it

You can test the File+ API by requesting demo.