The 10Duke Identity Provider

The 10Duke Identity Provider offers a quick and simple means of providing users with seamless access to cloud and corporate applications using a single identity. Provided on a white-label basis, this Single Sign On (SSO) facility can be extended to a variety of actors include public customers, business partners, applications and middleware components, enabling SSO for consumers, employees, as well as between organisations.

The 10Duke Identity Provider Service and API is a robust and proven technical solution, serving as an Identity Provider for millions of end users worldwide.


  • standards-based, supports key standard protocols including OpenID, SAML 2, and OAuth 2.
  • delegated Authentication & Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • supports Social Sign-In
  • provides a User database & User Profiles. A user profile can store attributes and data related to an identity
  • supports relational databases (SQL), MongoDB and LDAP for storing user data
  • can be used to service a variety of client systems and client applications including mobile, web and desktop applications.


The standards based 10Duke Identity Provider offers significant value in comparison to ad hoc point solutions. Key benefits include:

  • reduces the cost of identity and credential management. Cost is reduced by simplified credential management and ability to self-administer credentials retrieval and amendment through automation
  • enables a single 'view' of the customer to be maintained in sync by a variety of integrated applications
  • strengthens security and reduces the risk of a breach by providing a single centralized authentication point for applying stronger policies
  • provides detailed usage data on customer behavior as they access multiple applications
  • frees constrained technical resources from unneeded direct participation by securely delegating to users and privileged staff

Deployment Model

The Identity Provider can be deployed on-premise, in the public cloud or as a private cloud service.

License Model

The 10Duke Identity Provider is licensed on a monthly subscription basis.

Client libraries and samples

10Duke publishes and maintains a number of client libraries and samples on GitHub. The list of available libraries are also listed in the Client libraries section.

Try it

You can test the 10Duke Identity Provider by requesting demo.