The 10Duke SDK

The 10Duke SDK is a Java based software development kit for the creation of enterprise scale connected web, mobile and desktop applications. It is being used by start-ups, consumer brands and Fortune 500 companies to create new online services from scratch or to add new features to existing applications. It dramatically reduces development time, increases code stability and provides a solid and proven framework on which to create your application.

Why use the 10Duke SDK?

Applications Made Easy

The 10Duke SDK has already been used by companies worldwide to create digital ad campaigns, video sharing services, mobile marketing campaigns and much more. If you can dream it in Java, the 10Duke SDK will help you deliver it - quickly, more cheaply and on a solid code foundation. With an extensive feature set, the 10Duke SDK is the Swiss Army knife of Java application development.

Embrace the Cloud

A core concept of the 10Duke SDK is that it supports deployment architectures from dedicated servers to the cloud. Run your application in the cloud and reap the full benefits from virtualized computing. Deploy on self managed cloud based systems or 3rd party providers such as Amazon Web Services. Incidentally, the 10Duke SDK comes with integration for Amazon S3 and can be used with any other cloud provider of your choice.

E for Enterprise

The 10Duke SDK includes patterns and implementation that make enterprise grade features and integrations efficient to achieve. Design and implementation of enterprise features such as reporting, identity management, CRM, and single sign-on all transform from high risk and labor intensive projects into items that are linear, quick and manageable.

True Dynamic Scalability

When your application begins to take off and gets the attention it deserves you need to ensure that it is available to end users and that scalability isn't a problem. With the 10Duke SDK you can relax as it supports scaling up and out. Scale out by simply adding more servers to your network or scale back in by reducing server numbers too. This enables you to dynamically manage your server infrastructure and adjust it according to application usage, saving you money. Using servers efficiently and scaling up is central to the 10Duke SDK enabling you to get the maximum out of your servers and utilize cheaper hardware.

Feature Rich & Extendable Object Model framework

The 10Duke SDK Business Object Model includes everything you'll need to build engaging social media applications. From profiles and videos to messaging and photo management, the 10Duke SDK includes everything needed to create fun apps, mobile apps and enterprise class business tools. The Business Object Model framework is fully extendable.

Database Independence

Reduce your database administration overheads with the 10Duke SDK database features. The SDK is not tied to any one database and the compact and simple structure makes it easy to work with. Included in the SDK are several integrations with popular databases such as PostreSQL, MySQL, local databases, as well as simple extension options to cloud services and many more.

Application Server Independent

The 10Duke SDK is not tied to any one application server. You can choose to use several different setups that meet your requirements depending on whether you run a Linux or Microsoft Windows operating system. GlassFish, Tomcat, Tanuki Wrapper and many other Java application servers are fully supported providing you with the flexibility you want.

OS Independence

Depending on your preference for either Windows, Mac or Linux, the 10Duke SDK can be used to create applications running on the OS of your choice. For more complex environments, the SDK also supports running a mixture of operating systems so you have the flexibility you need to create great applications whatever your needs.

Ready to try it? Read the developer guide or get an evaluation license by requesting demo.