File+ demo

The File+ demo will let you access the File+ API and evaluate the service for free.

In order to access it you will need to:


How to try File+

To try File+ follow these steps:

  • Setup an IDE project and link in a HTTP client library
  • Follow steps in the File+ developer guide to implement your connecting client application
  • The trial File+ service runs at: This is the base URL / host name you should use instead of the one(s) used in the developer guide.

Evaluation License - File+ API

10Duke Software Ltd. ('the licensor') provides this API ('the Service') to you ('the Licensee') on the following terms:

  • This service is provide by 10Duke on an as is basis and is intended for evaluation purposes only.
  • You may test and experiment with the service, but only in manner that will not threaten the service itself.
  • The service database may occasionally be cleared by 10Duke.
  • Availability of this service is not guaranteed. Should you need it for production use, 10Duke provides dedicated deployments of this service for customers on a SaaS basis including an SLA.
  • There is no express warranty provided with this Evaluation License
  • In no event shall 10Duke be liable to you or any third party for any indirect, consequetnial, exemplary, incidental, special or punitive damages, including lost profit damages arising from your use of this service.

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